Questions To Ask Yourself When Finding Time For Your New Workout Routine

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After deciding you are ready to start working out on a regular basis, you may be having trouble deciding on the right time to perform your workout. If so, ask yourself the following questions with a piece of paper or your planner open to help you pinpoint your personal best time for exercising.

What Time Of Day Do You Usually Have The Most Energy?

Think about how your day usually flows. Do you find you usually jump out of bed with a lot of energy, which fizzles out as the day goes on? Or, do you drag yourself out of bed, not fully waking up until later in the morning but with energy to spare in the evening?

When thinking about your workout schedule. try to work in your exercise routine during your peak energy periods. Having that extra energy can make your workouts more effective.

So, if you're a morning person, schedule your exercises shortly after you get up. If you tend to be a night owl, work in your regimen in the late afternoon after work.

When Do You Think You're Most Likely To Stick To Your Workout Schedule?

Once you have decided the general time of day for your workout, this next question directs you toward a specific time. Think about commitments you have that may disrupt your workout at certain times.

For example, do you have children that require your attention? If so and you're a morning person, you may want to schedule your exercises before they wake up. If you are a night owl, think about any after school activities they have. You may need to schedule your workout after these commitments are met, or if you don't need to be with them, time your routine while they are away.

Do You Have A Condition That Requires You To Eat Before Working Out?

After narrowing down your workout times, ask yourself if you have a condition that requires you to eat before you exercise. If so, you will have to plan accordingly.

For example, if you have type 1 diabetes, you may need to either schedule your workout after your regular meal time or plan on having a light to moderate snack beforehand, depending on your blood sugar levels. You should also ask your doctor for their advice on how to balance your food intake and workout routine.

After asking yourself the above questions, you should have found at least one or two times on your schedule from which to choose for your new workout routine. However, if you are still uncertain or feel you may have problems sticking to your schedule, you may want to contact a personal trainer to discuss an individualized plan and training options designed just for you. For more information, contact local professionals like Dinny Morris Fitness.