3 Supplements for Women

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When it comes to health supplements, the choices can be overwhelming. There are supplements for everything, it seems like. Fitness, weight loss, memory preservation, bone and joint health, muscle and spine health, menopause, pre-menopause, breastfeeding and pregnancy. Some women just give up and don't take any supplements at all, because they don't know which choices are the best for their specific needs.

No matter where you are in life, there are three supplements that benefit every woman, no matter what her specific challenges are at the current time. Look for the following supplements when you are creating or revising your nutritional plan.


If you have dry, brittle hair, dull skin, and cracking or peeling nails, you likely have a Biotin deficiency. There are many Biotin supplements on the market; it is just as bad to get too much Biotin as it is to get too little. Choose a supplement with around 2,500 micrograms for best results. 

B Vitamins

B vitamins provide a great range of benefits, from regulation of metabolism, to sugar level regulation and increased hormone production. These vitamins can also help flush the body of excess hormones, as well as certain toxins that can negatively impact your health. The appropriate combination of B vitamins can also help stave off some depression and anxiety in some women. If you need an extra burst of energy, take your B Vitamin complex in the morning to help boost you through your day.

Vitamin D3

A Vitamin D deficiency can contribute to several negative health conditions. Increased chances of serious diseases such as Alzheimer's Disease and breast cancer, as well as more minor conditions such as PMS, fatigue and irritability have been linked to Vitamin D deficiencies. Add a Vitamin D3 supplement to your diet after having your Vitamin D levels checked; the Vitamin D3 complex is the active form of the vitamin and typically has better results for patients than the inactive Vitamin D2 form.

Before beginning any supplement regimen, or changing the supplements you take, it is important to consult your doctor for a professional opinion. This will help you ensure that the supplements you are taking are right for your particular needs. You can also ensure that any supplements you choose to take won't react negatively with any current prescription medication that you are taking. Taken properly and in the right doses, a quality dietary supplement can greatly improve your health and life.