Tips For A Successful Yoga Class

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If you're just starting a yoga class, you may be a little apprehensive about going to your first class. A beginner class is going to be full of beginners just like you, so there's nothing to feel insecure about. Everyone has to start somewhere - here's your beginning. For a successful yoga class, read on for some helpful tips.

Dress Comfortably

Don't wear anything that is going to restrict movement, yoga has a lot of stretching poses, and if your clothing is too tight, you may not be able to move properly and comfortably. Wear clothing that you feel like you can move freely in that won't get in your way while doing a pose or while moving from one pose to another.

Eat Light

Before going to your first yoga class, eat lightly, don't eat a heavy meal before going. Yoga is low impact, but all of that movement isn't going to feel well with a full belly. Eat a light snack beforehand to keep your energy high, but not feeling stuffed.

Bring Water

Again, yoga is low impact, but it can still take a lot out of you to hold a pose. Bring water with you to stay hydrated and quench your thirst during and after your class. A water bottle that is insulated will help keep your water ice-cold.

Stretch Beforehand

Be sure to stretch yourself before the class begins. Stretch your arms and shoulders by putting your hands behind your back and bending forward. You can also stretch your arms and shoulders by putting one arm across your chest and holding it with the opposite hand. 

Also stretch your quadriceps by pulling one foot up with your hand on the same side, keeping your glute tucked under. Repeat on the other side.

Sit on the floor with your feet in a v in front of you. Bend forward towards one leg, then towards the other, and then bend straight forward (to the middle). Hold on each for at least 15 seconds.

Focus On Your Breath

While in each pose, focus on your breathing, rather than how deep you are in each pose. You'll eventually get deeper and deeper into the poses, but your focus should be on your breathing. Breathe through the nose and out through the mouth.

Yoga is a great class for anyone looking for a low-impact exercise that can make a big impact on your body. Talk to a company like California Family Fitness for more information.