Soda, Weight Gain, And Physician-Assisted Weight Loss: Your Guide

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Soda is one of those items that many people enjoy drinking, but it is one of the most insidious ways of gaining extra weight. Over time this can cause a person to become obese or even just overweight. As a result, physician-assisted weight loss may be necessary.

Soda Can Quietly Lead To Weight Gain

Soda is what is known as empty calories: that is to say, calories that provide you with no nutritional value. Even people who drink one soda a day are creating a chance of heavy weight gain. For example, drinking one soda of 150 calories a day could lead to an extra 15 pound of body fat a year. That fat can naturally be offset by exercise and other life factors, but it can start to add up.

The problem here is that this extra weight can quietly build up over time. Even an extra five pounds a year that isn't taken off can quickly become 30-50. Just think of what would happen when a person gained five pounds a year for five years: that's an extra 25 pounds of body fat that they would have to burn to get back into shape.

The Metabolism Slows Down, Too

After people pass about 25, their metabolism starts to slow down. While it is possible to offset this with exercise and dietary change, an extra 150 calories of soda every day is going to make it worse. This is particularly true if a person drinks more than one soda a day: this only increases the problem and makes it even more difficult for weight loss to occur.

While people can often lose much of this weight on their own, they may not have the focus or the physical or mental strength to do it solo. As a result, it is important for them to understand the many benefits of physician-assisted weight loss.

How Physician-Assisted Weight Loss Can Help

When a person lets soda addiction lead to an obsessive weight gain, physician-assisted weight loss may be a great option. This treatment is a perfect way to help a person focus on weight loss in a structured way. Just a few of the benefits available include:

  • Well-maintained diet and exercise routine
  • Help from physicians and care specialists in losing weight
  • Variety of supplements that help assist in weight loss
  • Maintenance programs that help keep weight loss permanent
  • Dietary adjustments that can help manage addiction to soda and other problems

Getting help for a soda addiction and excessive weight gain doesn't make a person weak. When a person admits they need help with their health, they are showing great personal strength and an insightful mind. That's why it's worth considering a physician-assisted weight loss center, like Figure Weight Loss, when soda weight gets problematic.